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Plant News

Currently, there are no weather advisories in effect.
Please continue with your planned activities and visit this site regularly for timely updates. Stay informed and safe.

Information Lines: 337-882-7199 or 337-882-7399

Emergency contact numbers:
CP A line: 337-882-7283
CP B line: 337-882-7023
CP2 Lunch room: 337-882-7031
CP Shift Supervisor: 337-882-7141

Alternate emergency contact numbers:
(activated when telephone system and communication lines are down)
East Gate: 337-882-6959
CP A Line: 337-882-6944
CP B Line: 337-882-6976
Finishing: 337-882-0776

Weather Updates

Error: Check again later.

No threats at this time.
Keep to your normal schedules and check back here for updates should conditions change.
Please be safe.

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